A high net worth divorce in Texas involving large and complex marital assets requires special legal expertise to ensure that the client’s rights are fully protected. A careful distinction between separate and community assets must be made, the assets must be accurately valued, and all assets and liabilities must be accounted for, including any offshore or hidden assets. These divorce cases can be complicated which is why we recommend contacting our experienced Austin high asset divorce attorney near you.



Types of Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce

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You need a capable and resourceful Texas law firm to represent you in a high net worth divorce in Texas. Your attorney should have the backing of CPAs, forensic accountants, and business appraisal experts, apart from having deep domain expertise in valuation and division of business assets, private properties, art and jewelry, foreign accounts, and stocks and shares, among other things.

Typical asset portfolio to be divided in a Texas high net worth divorce may include:

  • Public/private company/partnership/professional practice – assets and liabilities, capital, intellectual property, and goodwill
  • Trusts
  • Stocks and shares, including ESOPs and shareholding in a startup
  • Domestic and offshore bank accounts and real estate
  • Jewelry, art and antiques
  • Oil, metals and commodities—rights and royalties
  • Money markets and other financial investments
  • Life insurance policies and annuities
  • Expatriate employee benefit plans
  • Severance packages, retirement benefits, pensions

If high value assets in a Texas divorce are hidden or commingled, they will be subject to legal tracing regulations under Texas law and potential financial restraining orders. If the other party’s separate property estate or community estate stakes claims on various complex assets, it is vital to have a strong and resourceful Texas high net worth divorce attorney by your side to protect your rights.

Complex Variables in a High Net Worth Divorce in Texas

You will need a Texas law firm with sophisticated expertise to achieve a favorable outcome in a high net worth divorce that involves multiple and complex variables.

Dividing Business or Professional Practice Assets

Wealth in high net worth divorces is often concentrated in wide-ranging business assets or business interests that need to be valued and divided correctly. You need a lawyer with a team of specialists to ensure you receive your rightful share.

Identifying Hidden Assets

When the assets in a divorce are in multiple locations and part of different investment vehicles, you will need assistance from a forensic accountant to ensure any potential hidden assets are discovered. Your attorney should have the tools and techniques to identify and account for all the marital assets.

Financial and Taxation Issues

Financial and tax implications in a high net worth Texas divorce can be substantial. You need expert financial and tax planning advice to make sure you are not losing out in a property division. If some of the assets or investments are located abroad, the legal and taxation aspects will be different. Your lawyer should have a network to provide you these specialized services in all these circumstances.

Alimony Issues

One of the common issues to be resolved in high net worth divorces is alimony or spousal maintenance. This can be a very significant amount, depending on your financial income. Your high net worth divorce attorney in Texas should have the skills and experience to negotiate or litigate the alimony amount in accordance with your goals.

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