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It can be sad and stressful when your marriage or partnership ends in Austin divorce. However, add children into the equation, and those feelings can continue far beyond the end of the relationship. As you still share a common bond in raising your children, interaction is necessary. During the divorce, terms are often put into writing regarding the children from the marriage. Usually, that includes payments called Austin child support from one parent to the other, who will provide the bulk of child care as the custodial parent.  

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Who Do I Contact About Child Support in Texas?

Once you have a child support order in place from your divorce or a relationship ending, the Child Support Office is the first call when needing to contact someone about your child support in Texas. The Texas Child Support Office works with both parts of the equation, from parents that have been ordered to pay support to parents receiving the child support payments. The Child Support Office offers several services. They have information and guidance for victims of domestic violence on how to ensure their child support order is being enforced safely. They have programs for military families. There’s assistance for families where a parent is incarcerated. Parents who pay child support can also have an account to track and make payments online. We have a great Guide to Child Support to help you through the process. 

Signing Up For Texas Child Support Services

There are two ways to be granted a child support order in Texas. The first is through the courts, such as during a divorce proceeding. The second is through the Child Support Review Process or CSRP, where both parents work with a Child Support Office to either establish the child support order or modify it. You can sign up for their services online or by mail. You’ll need a few things for the application, including your contact information, driver’s license number, social security number, employment, and attorney’s contact information. You’ll also need information for the other parent, such as their contact information. 

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What Doesn’t The Child Support Office Handle?

You may be wondering what doesn’t the Child Support Office do for parents. They are accommodating when it comes to ensuring that child support orders are enforced for the custodial parent. However, some parents may think that the child support office handles all aspects of the court orders regarding children, but that’s not true. The Child Support Office cannot assist with any visitation rights orders. It’s outside of their purview. However, suppose there’s a problem with one parent not upholding the visitation orders. In that case, there is the Access and Visitation Hotline that parents can take advantage of to get information on enforcing visitation orders. Here are some child support guidelines to show how child support works in Texas

Child Support Division in Austin

Speaking with the Child Support Division Austin Branch is often a significant step to take when you have questions about child support or need help. It’s centrally located in downtown Austin to assist parents. However, several offices are located throughout the area if the Central Austin Child Support Office isn’t convenient for you or the other parent involved. 

Texas Child Support Office Near Me

Are you trying to find a Texas child support office near me? In Texas, many offices are available to help make it easy for you to get the access you need to a professional that can help you with child support issues. Here are some of the locations in and around Austin, Texas:

Austin Central

2101 E St. Elmo Rd, Bldg 2, Ste 225

Austin, TX 78744-1863


508 Old Austin-Hutto Rd

Pflugerville, TX 78660-4108

San Marcos

250 South Foxtail Run

San Marcos, TX 78666-5020


2100 Scenic Drive, Ste. 105

Georgetown, TX 78626-7742


4001 E 29th St, Ste 102

Bryan, TX 77802

Remember that the different locations may have specific instructions regarding their availability, which can be found on the map. The website can also be helpful when you need to log in to your online account.

Contact an Experienced Austin Child Support Attorney Near You

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Are you facing a divorce or want your child support order modified? Speaking with an experienced Austin child support attorney can help you when it comes to handling child support matters. Protect yourself as much as possible by contacting the team at Eric M. Willie, P.C. today to make a difference in the outcome of your child support proceeding. Our experience can help to ensure that nothing is overlooked and no mistakes are made on your part to provide the best outcome for you during the process.

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