Child support, child custody and child visitation issues arising from a divorce, paternity suit, legal separation of a married or unmarried couple or domestic partnership dissolution can be complicated, difficult and highly emotional for all parties and especially the children.

In a perfect world, if both parents could agree on child support, child custody and child visitation issues, it would facilitate the process and make it easier for all parties.  However, in the majority of situations, child support issues as well as child custody and visitation are decided by the court. If you need a Texas child support attorney, contact us for a consultation. Situations differ and you may have questions if your 13 year old can have a say in child custody matters. Things can also get complicated when trying to transfer child custody. If you are still confused, read our guide on how child support works in Austin. If you are trying to attain evidence for your court case, you may be wondering, “Can your spouse video record you without permission?”

Some of the typical child support issues to consider are:

  • Which parent will be financially responsible for paying child support. There are several child support payment options available to Texas residents.
  • How much will the parent receiving the support be entitled to receive
  • Who pays for the child’s health insurance, special medical needs or educational expenses such as tutoring, special classes, college tuition and expenses
  • What happens if the financially responsible parent fails to pay the child support
  • How are child support court orders modified if a parent’s financial or other circumstances change and
  • How to handle income tax deductions

Many clients don’t realize how complicated child support, child custody and child visitation issues can be,  and sometimes make the mistake of attempting to save money by preparing the paperwork themselves or hiring a non-lawyer who is simply not qualified to handle these kinds of matters.

Hiring an experienced and skilled child visitation lawyer near you to advise, explain and help you through the various aspects of child support, child custody and child visitation issues is highly recommended.

The Law Office of Willie & Dasher are highly experienced in family law issues and represent clients in Austin and the surroundings areas with their child support, child custody and child visitation matters.

We are here to answer your questions and help you make the right choices for you and your children.   At the Austin Child Support firm of The Law Office of Willie & Dasher, we treat our clients as if they were part of our own family.

We understand how emotional, difficult and sometimes confusing these issues can be for you.  If you are like most of our clients, you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the process.

For more information about child support, child custody and child visitation, please feel free to contact us at the form on this page, or call us at (512) 478-0834 for a consultation to discuss your options.

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