Divorce Attorney in Lakeway: Your Path Forward

You’ve exhausted every avenue to salvage your marriage, but the realization that it’s over brings forth a wave of concern and uncertainty about the next steps. Questions arise, particularly about where to initiate divorce proceedings in Lakeway, Texas. Gaining insights into the process of divorce in Lakeway can alleviate some of this stress. If you’re seeking a family law attorney or divorce lawyer in Lakeway, reach out to Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer at 512-748-0834 for a complimentary consultation.


Do You Require a Divorce Lawyer in Lakeway, Texas?

Dissolving a marriage is never straightforward, yet some divorces unfold more smoothly than others. An uncontested divorce typically entails a simpler legal process compared to a contested divorce. While some may consider handling an uncontested divorce paperwork on their own, the guidance of an experienced Lakeway divorce attorney near you can prove invaluable. What begins as an amicable separation may escalate into complexity, and navigating the paperwork involved demands legal expertise. Thus, having a divorce lawyer in Lakeway by your side can be advantageous.

Eligibility for a Lakeway, Texas Divorce

Filing for divorce in Lakeway necessitates meeting specific criteria. Firstly, residency requirements dictate a minimum of 90 days of residence in Travis County. Additionally, you must have resided in the state of Texas for at least six months. Failure to fulfill these prerequisites renders you ineligible to file for divorce in Lakeway until compliance or necessitates filing in your most recent eligible area. If you meet the criteria, engaging a Lakeway divorce lawyer becomes a crucial step forward.

How Long Does a Texas Divorce Take?

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Navigating the legal landscape of divorce in Lakeway, Texas, is a time-intensive endeavor. Finalizing divorce proceedings typically takes a minimum of 60 days from the filing of your divorce petition. However, many cases extend beyond six months, especially those entailing complexities such as asset division, child custody, or disagreement between parties. Factors influencing the duration include the intricacies of asset division, child custody arrangements, and the ability of both parties to reach a consensus. As such, hiring a Lakeway divorce lawyer near you is advisable to navigate this intricate process.

Family Law in Lakeway, Texas

Family law encompasses a spectrum of legal issues pertinent to familial matters. Among the areas it encompasses are marriage, divorce, child custody, division of property and debt, child support, adoption, domestic violence, and more. Given the intricacies involved in family law cases, the expertise of a qualified and experienced Lakeway family law attorney is indispensable to ensuring a favorable outcome.

Family law is a term of art used to describe a number of specific areas of law having to do with issues affecting the family. Family law often includes:

Although the areas listed above seem straightforward, there are a myriad of intricate issues that can come into play in most every family law case. For this reason, hiring a qualified and experienced Lakeway family law attorney is essential to the outcome of your case. Hire the best military divorce attorney near you!

Lakeway Child Visitation Lawyer Near You

Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer is a child visitation lawyer in Lakeway, Texas and surrounding areas with legal counsel, advice, and representation in child custody and visitation matters. Our main focus is to help you come up with a fair and amicable solution to child support and visitation issues.

In any divorce proceeding, numerous issues must be decided. Child custody and visitation are among the most important issues that arise in the context of a divorce proceeding. Eric is also qualified to handle Austin LGBTQ divorce.

Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer provides legal representation to clients located in Lakeway, Texas, and surrounding areas with legal counsel, advice, and representation in child custody and visitation matters. Our main focus is to help you come up with a fair and amicable solution to child support and visitation issues. These cases can get complex. If you are in need of a Travis County family law attorney, get in touch so we can help you get back on track. Eric has a great reputation in Texas as shown by our testimonials and BBB rating.

It is an extremely emotional and sensitive issue to consider your child’s needs—both now and in the future. Many things must be considered, such as each parent’s economic ability to care for the child and the current and future earning potential of each parent. Other more practical issues like a parent’s ability to take care of the child, the parent’s availability, and who the child may bond with are also important to consider.

Other factors that must be decided are how parental responsibilities will be shared. Issues to be decided include:

  • Where the child will live and with whom the child will live
  • Can one parent move out of state with the child
  • How frequently will the other parent see the child
  • Does the other parent even have rights to the child
  • What type of visitation schedule makes sense to everyone
  • Which parent pays child support and how much
  • Who will pay for the child’s health insurance

Child Custody Determination in Texas

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In Texas, child custody determinations prioritize the best interests of the child. Factors considered by the court include the child’s physical and emotional needs, educational and social requirements, parenting abilities of each parent, and the ability of each parent to provide a safe and stable environment. Additionally, the court may consider the child’s preferences if they are 12 years of age or older. Navigating child custody proceedings demands the advocacy of a seasoned Lakeway child custody lawyer to enhance your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

Where is Lakeway, Texas?

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Nestled in the western corner of Travis County, Lakeway is ideally situated on the south shore of Lake Travis in the scenic Texas Hill Country. Located about 25 miles west of downtown Austin, Lakeway is a resort community complete with golf courses, tennis courts, marinas, a private airport, a full-service hotel and spa, a 65-mile long lake, 100 acres of parkland and trails, and nearly 500 acres of greenbelts. It is considered one of the finest small cities in the Austin metro area.

Our Family Law Office Near Lakeway, Texas

Our main office is conveniently located in Austin, Texas, about 35 minutes from Lakeway.

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Contact an Experienced Lakeway, Texas Family Law Attorney Near You

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Should you require legal assistance for divorce, child custody, or other family law matters in Lakeway, Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer is poised to offer expert guidance and representation. With over 20 years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of Texas family law, Eric M. Willie is equipped to handle your case adeptly. To initiate a conversation regarding your child custody or visitation case, schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation by contacting us at 512-748-0834 or online.




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    “Eric Willie and his staff are amazing. We have been involved in a 3+year custody battle for a child that we attempted to adopt. The father contested the adoption and we were awarded temp joint conservator. We stayed that way for 3+ years until 2 weeks ago. We had a jury trial upon dad’s request and after a hard 3 days we were awarded sole managing conservator. During those 3 days Eric remained calm he was organized, and professional. Eric was very honest the entire way through. Anytime we called the office he and his staff was always very nice and honest. They helped us remain calm throughout the entire process. We have not only found a great attorney but several friends!!! I would highly recommend Eric Willie.” – Kristin Witcher, Rating: 5/5

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