All About Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Previously known as City Park, Emma Long Metropolitan Park is named for Emma Long, who was the first elected woman to do a pro tem term as Mayor in Austin, Texas. The park is open year round and boasts a large green space where many concerts and activities take place throughout the year.

The park charges an entrance fee of $5 per day during the week, and $10 per day during the weekends and busy holiday seasons. There is also an additional charge for camping, but reservations are required to camp within the park. The recommended lead time on a reservation is 6 months! So start planning your visit to Emma Long Metropolitan Park now! You should know there are a lot of rules that go with camping inside a metropolitan camping ground, such as no glass bottles, no collecting firewood, no animals off leashes, and the park doesn’t take cash for payments. Still though, once you are through the gates, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy what this beautiful park has to offer. Finally, there is no wifi available throughout the park.

There are a number of picnic areas spread throughout the park, as well as several volleyball courts, a basketball court, many restrooms and swimming areas. The campsites also offer hookups for recreational vehicles, and two boating ramps allow access to the Colorado River, through Lake Austin.

If you are visiting the park under a day pass, the park closes to visitors at 10 pm. There is a gate that gets closed each night for the safety of the campers within the park. If you plan to pack a lunch to spend the day in the park, be sure to bring a tablecloth and some chairs to sit on. The picnic tables throughout the park are worn and dirty from exposure.

There are also a number of hiking trails throughout the park, and there is even a motorcycle trail that can be enjoyed by bikers. Turkey Creek Trail is a free hiking trail located right outside the entrance to Emma Long Metropolitan Park, but be aware that it is an off-leash walking trail so dogs may be roaming free with the owners close behind. Turkey Creek is about 2.5 miles long and offers an excellent alternative for hiking if you are spending any length of time in Emma Long Park.

The main beach in Emma Long Metropolitan Park offers sand and calm waters for wading and swimming. The water is clear and clean. There is lots of shoreline to walk along and play on so you shouldn’t feel crowded with all the people that use the park on a regular basis. Many people report being the only people using the swimming area at a time.

Pack your bags, load up the tent, and grab your firewood and head to Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It’s a great getaway from the city, without actually having to leave the city. If you are looking for some rest and relaxation without having to drive for hours, look no further than this beautiful park in the heart of Austin, Texas.