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You’ve tried everything to save your marriage, but you’ve come to the conclusion that your marriage is over. That realization can bring a sense of worry and unease over what comes next. You may start to ponder questions like where to file for divorce in Travis county. Understanding what to expect from a Travis county divorce can help ease some of your stress.

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Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Travis County?

All You Need To Know About Getting Divorced During Covid-19

Splitting your married life is never easy, but some divorce proceedings are easier than others. An Austin uncontested divorce is typically a more straightforward legal process than a contested divorce. Some may assume you’re better off just filing the paperwork yourself if you’re involved in an uncontested divorce. However, getting experienced legal professional advice can be invaluable for any Travis County divorce. A divorce process that starts amicably can turn into a problematic situation. There’s also a great deal of paperwork to have on hand when going through a divorce, so a divorce lawyer in Travis County can be beneficial to have on your side.

Eligibility for a Travis County Divorce

In order to file for a divorce in Travis County, you need to meet the criteria. First, you have lived in Travis county for at least 90 days. In addition, you must have lived in the state of Texas for at least six months. If you do not meet these requirements, you’ll be unable to file for divorce in Travis County until you do, or you’ll have to file in the area you lived in most recently that fits the eligibility requirements.

Where to File For Divorce in Travis County?

The Divorce Courts in Travis County, Texas, is located in Austin, Texas, at 1000 Guadalupe. The court’s name is the 53rd District Court. You or your Travis County divorce attorney, Eric M. Willie, will file your paperwork with this court to begin the dissolution of your marriage.

How Long Does a Divorce Take?

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In Travis County, going through the legal process for divorce takes time. It can take at least 60 days after your divorce petition has been filed to be finalized. However, in many cases, it often takes at least six months to complete a divorce, and some cases that are more complicated, like how debt is divided or how retirement is divided, can take a year or more for them to be finalized. Some factors that can equate to a more extended period before a divorce is finalized include the number of assets to be split and when the couple has children. Also, when the two parties can’t agree on how to dissolve their marriage, it can extend the time it takes. If you are trying to attain evidence for your court case, you may be wondering, “Are voice recordings admissible in court in Texas?”

What Happens When You File For Divorce in Travis County?

In general, there are six steps involved with the divorce process in Texas.

  1. Reason for the divorce. You have to determine the grounds for divorce before you’re able to submit your divorce petition to the courts.
  2. Filing the divorce papers. Next, you’ll have to fill out the petition called the original petition for divorce in Texas, which is basically a form to dissolve your marriage. If you file, you’ll be considered the petitioner; if your spouse files, you are the respondent. You’ll need to turn in three copies of the original petition and pay the filing fees when filing. In Travis County, the filing fees are about $300, but this amount can differ if you need to have your spouse served with the divorce papers or have copies made.
  3. The third step is serving your spouse with the divorce papers. If your spouse is already aware of you filing the divorce, they can waive their right to have the divorce papers formally served. Otherwise, you’ll either need to have a process server give them the divorce papers, or you’ll have to publish a notice online or in a newspaper in case your spouse cannot be located.
  4. The next step is your spouse replying to the petition. They can file a counter-petition within 20 days.
  5. Before the courts can grant the divorce, there is a cooling-off or waiting period of 60 days to ensure that both parties want to continue to go through the process. During this time, the spouses can try to reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce for an uncontested divorce. If they are unable to come to terms, it’s contested and goes through more court proceedings.
  6. The last step is the divorce decree, either granted once the uncontested divorce’s waiting period is over or during a final hearing.

Finding a Travis County Divorce Attorney Near You

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No matter if you’re still trying to make things work and only want to speak to a legal professional near you experienced in divorce proceedings about your situation or are ready to file for divorce, finding a Travis County divorce attorney is helpful. You want to look for a few qualities when finding your lawyer.

  • Experience
  • Calm under pressure
  • Good communication skills
  • Great availability
  • A strong legal team
  • Confidence

Please don’t be shy about asking your potential attorney about their qualifications and experience. You’ll want to ensure that you feel confident in your Travis County divorce attorney near you, as they’ll be by your side through the divorce proceedings.
Do you need assistance in filing your divorce paperwork in Travis county? The law office of Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer, can help. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can guide you through this often stressful process.

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