Creedmoor, Texas is a small city approximately 15 miles south of Austin. Despite the city already having a meat market, barbershop, ice cream shop, drugstore, and blacksmith shop, it didn’t receive its official city name until it established its first post office in 1880. Some sources have said that Creedmoor was once referred to as Willow Springs and Creekmoor. Creedmoor has seen its fair share of disasters, such as the cyclone that destroyed its school and local gin and it experienced a drought in 1925. Still, it managed to survive to this day.


Visitors to Creedmoor may want to venture to Austin for its natural springs pool, Barton Springs Pool. Yes, this swimming pool is filled with natural springs water. You’ll find this pool at Zilker Park. The water used to fill the pool comes from the Main Barton Springs, which is the fourth largest spring in the state. It is actually a pool that can be enjoyed all-year-round, as the temperature is usually a comfortable 68 °F to 74 °F.


Learn as much as you can about Texas with a visit to the Bullock Texas State History Museum. The museum was named after the person who commissioned its existence, Bob Bullock. There are three floors of exhibits with the first floors theme being ‘land’, the second floor theme ‘identity’, and the third floor them ‘opportunity’. The museums special effects theater takes audience on a virtual tour back in time to see how Texas became the state that it is today. There is also an IMAX theater that seats 400 and uses both a 2D and 3D projector. If you are spending a few days or longer in Texas, the State History Museum would be a great place to start your exploration of the area.


This area is made up of the following zip codes: 78610

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