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“I can’t thank Eric and his team enough. Never thought I would have to go through a divorce. Didn’t realize how alone you could feel in this situation.. Eric and his team are always there to help you through…”

– Brian O.,

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16 People wrote to us:
  1. “Honest, Trustworthy & Dependable. We won our case. Mr. Willie’s demeanor helped ease the tension and his knowledge helped us to make good choices. Even the secretary went out of her way to drop paperwork off at my home. That’s going beyond the expectations!”

  2. “Provided great personal attention. My working relationship with the firm was excellent. They had good communication and responded timely to my requests. They were professional, sincere and were sensitive to my concerns

  3. “This firm is very professional and keeps focused on the job. We did not have very high hopes of winning the case, but Mr. Willie did a wonderful job and did not give up on us. They are very on target, were always there for us and met with us on a regular basis.”

  4. “Not only did the Law Office of Willie & Dasher help me accomplish my goal regarding my divorce, they continue to assist me with financial questions I have after the fact. The firm provided me freedom from my former spouse and reassurance that I am doing what is right. I would definitely recommend your law firm.”

  5. “Mr. Willie is patient to work with, and makes sure that you aren’t caught by any surprises. You know what to expect one way or another. Eric has nothing to hide, is there for his clients and is doing his best. I saw this firsthand and I’m satisfied with my decision to hire Mr. Willie as my attorney.”

  6. “The Law Office of Willie and Dasher was straightforward, supportive, friendly, personable and provided prompt information. They are a small firm and not intimidating to work with. From the day I first contacted their offices, Eric was polite, and made me feel comfortable that I could talk to him. Also, Eric returned my phone call the same day–that says it all. Eric is very comfortable, respectful and good in court. I wish I would have met Eric sooner. When people have asked me who to use for a lawyer, I brag about being comfortable with an attorney I trust. For legal advice I recommend Eric highly. He’s a great guy and cares about his clients.”

  7. “I have been very satisfied and have dealt with Susan Dasher for over 10 years on 8-9 legal matters. I have dealt with Mr. Willie on one legal matter and was very pleased. My experience has always been great. He always accomplished my goals. Eric is easy to work with and very professional. My working relationship with Eric has been excellent. Eric is reliable, is empathetic to his clients and pays attention to detail.”.

  8. “The Law Office of Willie & Dasher is very professional but at the same time it feels like entering an old friend’s house. All of our documents were drawn up and presented to us in a timely manner and they were very flexible with our schedule needs. Working with Eric feels like working with a friend. The firm is great, and I would recommend them without hesitation.”

  9. “The Law Office of Willie & Dasher is professional, attentive, informational, courteous and concerned. Mr. Willie provided a positive experience with his advice, preparation and follow-up throughout. I enjoyed receiving courteous, professional service and the demeanor of both Mr. Willie and staff. One should definitely engage in consultation with The Law Office of Willie & Dasher.”

  10. “Mr. Willie is professional, organized and responsive. Our experience was totally positive-Eric was very clear about his part, my part-what needed to be done, how to do it, what it would cost-there were no surprises. Even though I engaged Eric for a simple matter (he helped my son change his name)-Eric never treated it as anything less than important—which of course it was to us! I always felt that I had Eric’s full attention. Eric listens – how rare is that?!-and then provides information, options and sound guidance. I never thought I’d be a person to need a lawyer, but such is life-and I’m pleased the one I have a relationship with is Eric. The Law Office of Willie & Dasher couldn’t possibly do better. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.”

  11. “We have been associated with this firm through Susan Dasher for over 20 years and have never been disappointed or felt a loss in every incident the firm represented us on. We have always had a positive experience and have never lost a case. Eric is positive, open and provides fair representation and honest answers. I would highly recommend Eric Willie.”

  12. “The Law Office of Willie & Dasher has a formal and professional appearance, with a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly, prompt and attentive, including the receptionist. The firm has the experience to address the issues, and suggest alternatives. They also have moved ahead with my case in a timely fashion. They will listen to your issues and give you the possibilities of a positive resolution or not. They also have fair billing practices.”

  13. “The firm seems comfortably small and un-intimidating-just what we needed at a critical time in our marriage. We are still in the process of our case, and our goals have already been surpassed. Eric is kind and caring, which combines with knowledge and efficiency to make a professionally comfortable relationship. They give personal attention and a high quality of work. I would highly recommend their firm to any and everyone. We as clients have been treated well!”

  14. “Mr. Willie has always been professional and very easy to talk to. Even after my case was done, I still felt comfortable calling Eric with questions. Eric was the nicest attorney I had ever met.”

  15. “Eric is very open, honest and heart felt. I have never questioned that he only has my best interest in mind. My matters were all, and are still handled very professionally and rapidly, not to mention courteously. Eric will handle your case individually, just like he did mine with only your best interest and personal needs in mind.”

  16. “I would highly recommend this firm. They are small, efficient and personal, and the work is done professionally. The firm is non-judgmental and the work is done quickly.” -PM, Paige, TX