Under Texas law, a non-custodial parent is required to provide financial assistance to the custodial parent by paying child support. Learn more here!

It is important to get a restraining order when there is a domestic violence threat. Here are the 3 types of restraining order you can file in Texas.

How an Austin Divorce Enforcement Lawyer Can Help With an Enforcement Order in Texas A motion for enforcement may be filed to enforce a divorce decree or a child support, child custody, or visitation order. In an enforcement action, the movant is the person who files the motion and the respondent is the person who…

A domestic partnership in Texas offers a number of benefits for unmarried couples who are in a committed relationship. Here’s what you need to know.

Austin is widely known as one of the most inclusive and LGBT-friendly cities in the country. Apart from the vibrant nightlife and dating scene, what makes Austin one of the most welcoming places for LGBT people is its legal system, which is fair towards all and discriminatory towards none. Same-sex couples in Austin have the…

The family court in Texas will take several factors into accounts for child support. Here is how you can negotiate for lower child support payments.

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