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The Covid-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented situation for couples, most of whom are at home trying to reconcile to the new way of life and work. Some sociologists and experts in human psychology have predicted that this situation will lead to an increase in the numbers of both ‘corona-divorces’ and ‘corona-babies’. 

If the bonding of a couple improves and leads to the arrival of a new baby, it’s an occasion to celebrate. However, if it is the other way round for you, where you believe that the Covid-19 situation has accelerated your decision to file for a divorce, it is best to consult with a skilled Austin family lawyer.

Challenge to Marital Relationships

Although hard data is not yet available, some family law experts believe that there could an unusual rise in the number of divorce filings in the coming weeks and months. Staying indoors, work from home, and shelter-in-place orders could increase the strain in some marriages that were already on a weak footing. 

At the moment, family courts in Texas are only taking up urgent matters, such as child abuse or domestic violence issues. Therefore, the real after-effects of the coronavirus crisis on marital relationships will be known once the situation normalizes and courts start functioning fully. 

But even now, the reports that are coming in from different parts of the world indicate that domestic abuse incidents are sharply rising. Clearly, the financial, as well as mental stress caused by this crisis, is taking its toll on at least some families.

It is important to get in touch with a competent Austin family lawyer during this time if you need legal advice regarding your divorce or any other family law matter. Your attorney will help you take steps to safeguard your interests and protect your rights for any family law issues in Texas. 

Is the Birthrate Going Up?

The coronavirus lockdowns may have a positive dimension for some couples. In healthy marital relationships, couples may be able to discover a new level of appreciation for the support they are receiving from each other. There could be a heightened recognition for the value each partner brings to the table, especially when the future appears filled with risk and uncertainty. 

Austin family lawyer

However, it is difficult to draw a scientific correlation between improved emotional relationships and an increase in the birthrate. Some family law experts, as well as economists, say that the number of babies born does increase when the unemployment levels are low and wage rates are high.

But the Covid-19 situation is creating economic challenges, which means many couples may want to postpone their plans to increase their family. Therefore, even if some couples choose to add to their family during this time, some others will delay their plans. The net effect will be that the overall birthrates may not change. 

However, while the pandemic situation may soon come under control, the work-from-home culture and widespread digitization of the economy may be here to stay. It remains to be seen how exactly marital relationships evolve in the new post-COVID-19 world. 

Get Legal Advice from a Reliable Austin Family Lawyer 

Divorce and other family law issues are likely to have a lasting impact on your emotional and financial life. You need a seasoned law firm to help you achieve your goals in these cases. Speak to The Law Office of Eric M. Willie P.C. to understand your legal options. To request a consultation, call us at 512-478-0834 or contact us online.

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