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In a busy, ambitious world, relationships are hard to manage even during the best of times. But the quarantine and self-isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have created a new level of challenges for many married couples. Depending on your situation, you should consult with a seasoned Austin divorce lawyer for your family law matters. 

In any case, as more couples may continue working from home even when the shelter-in-place conditions are eased, it is important to consciously work on the marital relationship. Your goal should be to minimize the chances of a relationship breakdown and divorce. Here are four ways to stave off a coronavirus divorce

Invest in Yourself

Prioritize your health and well-being during this difficult Covid-19 phase. Eat a balanced diet, do some fitness exercises every day, and stay connected with friends and family through phone, video calls, and social media. 

If you were periodically visiting a counselor prior to the pandemic, move your sessions online. If you take some prescription drugs to fight off depression or anxiety, continue with the medications as per your doctor’s advice. Your good physical, mental, and emotional health is vital to maintaining a positive and thriving marital relationship.

Spend More Time with Kids

If you have children, they deserve to have a normal and healthy household, especially during this difficult time when they cannot even meet their school friends. Put your children’s interests above your own, and give more of your time and attention to them. 

Your bonding with your spouse will be stronger when you show your responsibility towards kids. However, you should also remember that the incidence of child abuse tends to rise during stressful and economically uncertain times. If the safety of your children concerns you, talk to an experienced Austin divorce lawyer for the right advice. 

Avoid Rushing into Major Decisions

If you are facing the financial crunch or the prospect of a job loss, it can be tempting to act impulsively and invest your savings in risky financial instruments in the hope of making quick returns. Some people might also sell off a prized marital asset or investment at a distress price, or liquidate a significant part of their retirement funds.

Austin divorce lawyer While these acts of desperation may make you feel better temporarily, they will have an adverse long-term impact. Financial stress will be negative for your marriage at this time. Moreover, if you make these decisions without consulting your spouse, it will only add more stress to your relationship.

Be Empathetic to Your Spouse 

It is possible that both you and your spouse may be forced to work from home at present. In this situation, remember that your partner’s job and work needs are as important as your own. As much as possible, adjust your schedule for official video calls so that each one of you receives adequate Internet bandwidth during these virtual sessions. 

If you are sharing the workspace or equipment with your spouse, make sure you keep the work environment as tidy as you can. If your partner forgets to do something, communicate with empathy, and not passive-aggressively. When your spouse is working, instead of interrupting abruptly, you may simply text or leave a note on their desk that you need a few minutes of their time.

Consult with a Top-Rated Austin Divorce Lawyer 

The Law Office of Eric M. Willie P.C. works with a single-minded mission to help clients achieve the most satisfactory resolution of their family law and divorce issues. Our office ranks among the most respected and highly reviewed divorce lawyers in Austin. Call us at 512-478-0834 to make an appointment contact us online.

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