Military Divorce in Texas

Families in Texas where one or both spouses are active members of the US military often face a number of challenges in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Sometimes, despite their best efforts and good intentions, it can be difficult to sustain the marriage. In this situation, it is best to seek advice from an Austin divorce attorney with experience in military divorces

Here are some of the key reasons for a military divorce in Texas: 

Moving is Common throughout the Military Career

Although a military career promises stability, at a personal level it may not always be so. The nature of their work requires soldiers to be sent to different training camps and military bases, and even overseas posts at times. 

As a result, the family may be frequently on the move. While the military spouse may accept this as part of their duty, it may sometimes become impossible for the other spouse to not settle down permanently in one place. 

Long Deployments can Create Challenges

One of the reasons why military divorce in Texas may occur that one spouse could get a deployment that lasts for months. In some cases, these extended separations may cause a military couple to drift apart. During deployments, the family roles and household duties can become confusing when only one spouse has to bear the responsibility. 

When the military spouse returns from deployment, they want to take back the decision-making role, and then again leave everything to their spouse during their next deployment. This can frustrate the other spouse, who may sometimes want a divorce.

Non-Military Spouse May Give Up a Promising Career

Military Divorce in Texas

With the frequent moving from one military base to another, it can get difficult for the non-military spouse to maintain a successful career. Moreover, the burden of raising the kids and taking care of the household responsibilities may largely fall on their shoulders, quite like a single parent. 

Therefore, even if the non-military spouse is well-qualified and has career ambitions, they may be forced to abandon a promising career. This can eventually take its toll on the marriage, and lead to a divorce. A competent Austin divorce attorney can ensure that your rights are fully protected if you are seeking a divorce in this situation.  

One Spouse is not Faithful in Marriage

When the marriage has frequent gaps and the stress and frustration levels are high, it can lead to the urge to be unfaithful in some cases. Stereotypes may not be accurate in military divorces in Texas, and the reality is that either spouse can be unfaithful. 

A soldier on deployment may be operating in a high-pressure environment and may get into a relationship with a colleague who is going through a similar challenge. On the other hand, a non-military spouse may choose to have a relationship outside marriage if they are frustrated with the long deployments of the military spouse. 

Get Professional Legal Counsel for Your Military Divorce in Texas

The military divorce process is unique, and you need a knowledgeable divorce attorney in Austin who can efficiently navigate this process to help you obtain a favorable outcome. Family law attorney Eric M. Willie, P.C. has been serving the people of Austin for decades in various matters of family law. Call us at 512-478-0834 to request a consultation, or contact us online

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