Should I Choose A Same Gender Divorce Lawyer?

When it comes to choosing an Austin divorce lawyer, people tend to consider various factors like experience, reputation, track record, and many more. However, one key factor that many people fail to take into account is gender. This is particularly important if you are a man, as you might stand to gain more by choosing a male lawyer, rather than a female lawyer. Why should you consider choosing a same gender divorce lawyer to handle your case? Let us take a look.

Austin Divorce Lawyer For Men: Does Gender Matter?

Divorce, by its very nature, is an intensely personal process. You might have to share the most intimate details of your personal life with your divorce attorney. As a man, you might find it hard to open up to a woman – even if she happens to be your attorney – and discuss things that you might be embarrassed about. This is something you need to keep in mind while choosing an Austin divorce lawyer for men to handle your case.

For instance, if your spouse is accusing you of domestic violence or adultery, you have to talk about it in great detail with your divorce attorney. The attorney will ask you several questions regarding your sex life, how you normally interact with your wife, whether you have a tendency to get physical with your wife, and more. These are issues that you might not be comfortable talking about – even to women whom you have known your whole life.

If you hide any detail about your case from your attorney because you are too embarrassed to discuss it with her, you could be in trouble, as your spouse’s attorney will use it against you to get a verdict in their favor. On the other hand, if the attorney in question happens to be a man, you might not feel embarrassed or inhibited about discussing the aforementioned issues. This is yet another factor you need to consider while choosing the attorney who will be representing you. These cases can be complicated so it is advised to hire a divorce lawyer for men’s rights near me in Austin.

Austin Divorce Lawyer For Men – Experience And Skill MatterAustin Divorce Lawyer For Men : Should I Choose A Same Gender Divorce Lawyer?

Choosing a same gender lawyer can be an advantage for men – especially in contested divorces. It does not, however, mean that you should choose your attorney based on their gender alone. Remember – at the end of the day, it’s the attorney’s skill and experience that can win your case – not their gender. So, make sure the attorney you choose has sufficient experience in representing men in divorce cases and has a track record of achieving positive outcomes even in contested divorce cases.

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