how to avoid becoming a military divorce statistic

It is no secret that the divorce rate among military personnel is notably higher compared to that of civilians. Data shows that the divorce rate among those who are actively deployed is even higher and a significant percentage of service members tend to get divorced at the age of 30 – which is shocking to say the least. In this article, we take a look at five things that military spouses can do to strengthen their marital bond and avoid the breakdown of their marriage.

1. Communicate With Your Spouse

Communicate your needs, wants, concerns, and worries with your spouse. Too often, military spouses tend to sweep things under the rug because they are afraid that what starts as a normal talk could turn into an argument and a full blown fight. As any military divorce attorney Texas can tell you, lack of communication leads to resentment, which in turn leads to bitterness. So, talk to your spouse about how you feel and make sure they understand what you expect from them. Similarly, try to understand what your spouse expects from you.

2. Be Patient With Your Spouse

Military lifestyle is not easy – to put it mildly. It can take a physical and emotional toll even on the strongest of people. So, if your spouse seems upset or angry about something or if they are stressed out about something, understand what they are going through and be patient with them. As any military divorce lawyer Austin can tell you, starting an argument when your spouse is not in the best of moods can only lead to trouble.

3. Learn to be IndependentHow To Avoid Becoming A Military Divorce Statistic

One of the downsides of being married to a service member is that they might not always be available when you need them. Rather than resenting the fact that you have to do everything by yourself, take it as a challenge and become a fiercely independent person.

4. Set Goals For Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a military spouse – as any military divorce attorney Texas service provider can tell you – is to let the military lifestyle swallow you whole and not have a life of your own. It is the reason why many military spouses tend to feel lonely or alienated after a point in their marriage.

Develop new hobbies, build your own network of friends, and set goals to accomplish during your spouse’s deployment. This way, you can make the best of the time apart from your spouse without feeling lonely or dejected.

5. Seek Help

Lastly, just because you are a military spouse, you do not have to be tough and strong all the time. It is okay to feel vulnerable and it is okay to seek help when you need it. Seeking help – whether it is marriage counseling, therapy, or something as simple as a couples retreat – at the right time can help you strengthen your bond with your spouse and save your marriage.

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