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If you are a Texas resident who is planning to file for divorce, you should know that a good divorce attorney can increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your divorce case.

Now, the question is – what makes a divorce attorney ‘good’? What are the qualities that make a divorce attorney stand out from the rest? Let us take a look!

Wide-Ranging Knowledge

The outcome of a divorce case does not change your marital status alone. It is likely to have an impact on your financial situation, career, retirement plans, and more. So, it’s vital to be represented by a knowledgeable divorce attorney who can look at the big picture and aggressively pursue a favorable outcome that can benefit you in the long term.


Ask anyone who has ever been through a divorce and they will tell you that a good divorce attorney is one who is experienced and has dealt with a wide variety of divorce cases. So, make sure you choose an attorney who has handled cases related to different aspects of family law like divorce, division of assets, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support.

Experience with Different Types of Divorce Processes

This is one of the important qualities to look for in a divorce attorney. A vast majority of divorce cases in Texas are settled without trial. So, a good divorce attorney must be able to help you get a divorce through mediation, arbitration, or collaborative divorce, as long as you and your spouse are willing to look past your differences and work together to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

If, on the other hand, your case does go to trial, a good divorce attorney must be able to aggressively represent you and pursue a favorable outcome. So, make sure you choose a Texas divorce attorney with extensive trial experience.

Communication Skills

A good divorce attorney, by definition, is one who can communicate well. They should be able to communicate your concerns regarding the divorce to your spouse, negotiate hard with your spouse’s lawyer, and try to settle the case without making you undergo a protracted legal battle.

If despite your lawyer’s best efforts, your case goes to trial, they should be able to argue passionately and put forth their arguments in a convincing manner. So, the ability to communicate clearly is a critical skill you should look for in a divorce attorney.


good divorce attorney

Building a divorce case takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Depending on the circumstances, your attorney might have to:

  • Locate the investments and assets hidden by your spouse
  • Gather evidence to discredit the false claims made by your spouse
  • Make a clear distinction between separate property and community property so that the assets you personally own are not divided during the divorce
  • Collect the evidence that needs to be submitted to the judge, in case your divorce case goes to trial
  • Handle all the paperwork

This is not something an attorney can do single-handedly. This is why you should choose an attorney who has the support and resources needed to build your case and pursue a favorable outcome.

Looking for a Good Divorce Attorney in Texas?

If you are looking for a skilled and experienced divorce attorney in Texas to represent you, you cannot go wrong with Eric M. Willie. Mr. Willie has an in-depth understanding of the Texas family code and has handled a wide variety of divorce cases, including military divorces and high net worth divorces.

An expert communicator and negotiator, Eric Willie can negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer and settle your case amicably and help you avoid a bitter legal battle. If you are interested in knowing how Eric Willie can help you with your divorce, call us today at 512-982-0714 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment with one of our Texas divorce attorneys.

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