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A divorce is a life-altering event that will require you to overcome your emotional challenges and make some very pragmatic decisions about children, property, and other issues. In this situation, you cannot afford to hire a less competent Austin divorce attorney who may not be able to protect your rights in the best possible manner. 

Here are five important attributes you should look for while selecting a family law attorney in Texas.




This is probably the most crucial trait that can make a difference in the final outcome of your divorce case. In the face of serious disagreements between the two parties, a divorce proceeding could quickly turn ugly. 

This is where you need an Austin divorce lawyer who understands the intricacies of the law,  has deep legal expertise to negotiate with the other side, and strongly represents your interests to ensure a fair resolution of all the contentious issues.


Trial Experience 


While a negotiated settlement might be the ideal way to resolve most divorce and family law matters, it may not be feasible in all circumstances. This is particularly true when the other party is determined to be forcefully adversarial. 

A local divorce attorney who has extensive trial experience will be well-prepared to go to court if that is the only choice left to protect your interests. The ability and willingness to go to trial itself will put you in a stronger footing in the negotiations with the other side. In any case, theoretical knowledge is no substitute for actual trial experience. You need a Texas divorce lawyer who is well-versed with every step of the divorce trial process.


austin divorce lawyerAnalytical Ability and Resourcefulness  


It is not uncommon in Texas divorces for one spouse to try and undervalue or hide the assets in order to score an unfair advantage at the time of the division of property. A divorce attorney with strong analytical skills will be able to recognize if something seems to be amiss in the information and documents submitted by the other side. 

They will also have the resources, network, relationships with CPAs, forensic accountants, and other experts to identify and establish hidden assets if the situation demands it.


Persuasive Communication 


Your Austin divorce attorney must have persuasive communication skills in order to effectively negotiate on your behalf with the other party, put forward your concerns convincingly, and defend you aggressively where needed. 

Whether your case is resolved through a settlement or by court order, emphatic communication and expert litigation will be needed at every step to conclude the divorce proceedings in a manner that is most satisfactory for you.




Irrespective of how big or small is the divorce law firm that you have engaged to represent you, they must be highly accessible to you at all times during the proceedings of the case. Your attorney must be accessible on phone, email, and in-person to answer all of your questions and concerns. If they cannot take your call at a particular moment, they should return the call in a timely manner. 


Choose An Austin Divorce Attorney You Can Count On. Choose Eric M. Willie, P.C.


No matter the area of focus, the right family law attorney in Austin, TX can make all of the difference in the world. When choosing a family law attorney in Austin, choose the very best. The Law Office of Willie & Dasher has extensive experience serving the people of Austin, Texas in all matters of family law, and we stand prepared to serve you as well. To request a consultation, call 512-478-0834 or complete our online contact form.

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