divorce in Texas with a child

A divorce is almost always an emotionally draining experience for both parties. A divorce in Texas with a child can be even more overwhelming. It is hard for the children who have to face the harsh reality that their parents are no longer together and their family as they knew it has ended.

This is the time when both parents must put their children’s interests before their own and shield them from the negativity that is often unavoidable when a marriage is falling apart. An experienced family law attorney can guide and support you through your divorce in Texas with a child. They will help you keep your emotions in check and stay focused on protecting yours and your child’s rights.

Recognize that Your Child Needs Both Parents

Your first instinct may be to seek sole custody of your child so that the other party gets completely removed from your post-divorce life. But it is time to remember that while you have nothing to do with your ex-spouse any longer, he or she still remains your child’s parent.

In a divorce in Texas with a child, an experienced family law attorney will almost always encourage you to negotiate reasonable and fair custody and visitation arrangement that works best for everyone. Your children will be emotionally more secure and happier when they know that both parents are still accessible to them and care for them in equal measure.

Keep the Communication Channel Open with the Co-Parent

divorce in Texas with a child

Post-divorce parenting must be collaborative because your goals are common, and you are not competing against each other. If you get the primary physical custody of your child, always respect the right of the co-parent to spend time with the child as settled in the parenting plan. If the child has a commitment at school or is unwell, inform the co-parent ahead of time so that the visitation can be rescheduled.

Remember that in a divorce in Texas with a child, even if the other parent only has legal custody, you have an obligation to involve him or her in all major decisions related to your child. It will also enable your child to feel reassured that both parents are jointly making decisions for them, and they are both involved in their upbringing.

Do not Compromise on Child Support

Child support is often critical in a divorce in Texas with a child. Timely child support payments will ensure that all the needs of your child are adequately met. If you are obligated to pay child support as a non-custodial parent, make it a priority over all other requirements. Following child support, the order is a serious legal obligation in Texas, and any violation can have adverse consequences for you.

On the other hand, if you are receiving child support payments as a custodial parent, make sure that each payment is made on time. At the time of divorce, it is vital to negotiate your rightful amount of child support payments. And post-divorce, you have to keep track that the other party is making monthly payments on time. Your Texas divorce lawyer will help you in all child support and custody or visitation matters even when you may need a post-divorce order modification.

Legal Help for a Divorce in Texas with Child

It is most important for divorcing parents with children to hire solid legal representation so that their rights are fully protected. Work with Eric M. Willie, P.C. and his winning legal team to achieve the best possible outcomes during and after your divorce. Call 512-478-0834 to schedule a consultation or just fill out this online contact form.

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