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The Covid-19 pandemic has not just made a devastating medical and economic impact, but it has also led to unique situations at a sociological level. Married couples are increasingly feeling that staying indoors and working from home is not the same as being on an extended vacation in an exotic locale. 

Many couples are craving for their private space and time, while the stress of social distancing measures is taking its own toll on their relationships. Analysts worry that some couples may be heading for what can be termed as the “coronavirus divorce,” as the incidence of anger, emotional distress, and even domestic violence could be rising.

Any experienced Austin family lawyer would recommend couples to be empathetic, compassionate, and respectful to each other through this challenging period, and preserve their marital relationship. Here are some tips that can help you avoid becoming a coronavirus divorce statistic. 

Create a Collaborative List of To-Dos 

Communicate freely with your spouse about a few simple daily chores and activities that you expect them to do. Similarly, allow them to come up with their own issues as well about you, and list down these points for both sides. 

The list could include simple items such as placing the dirty dishes inside the dishwasher after every meal, shutting the door while talking on a video call, keeping the workspace clean and clutter-free and stop sharing negative news bulletins on Covid-19 every hour with everyone at home.

Plan Mutually Convenient Work Schedule for the Day

A seasoned Austin family lawyer will tell you that clash in work schedules when both spouses are working from home can gradually build intolerance towards each other, particularly when they also have household chores to do and little children who need their time and attention. 

Austin family lawyer

To address this challenge, it is best to go over your work schedules every morning and see who has how many virtual meetings at what times during the day, who will be requiring more of the available Internet bandwidth at what hours, and how the day’s household chores and kids’ responsibilities must be divided. 

Communication is vital, and if your schedule gets altered, you need to make sure your spouse knows about it and readjustments are made.  

Plan for Some Daily Private Time 

When you and your spouse are home full-time, no matter how patient and caring you try to be towards each other, you will occasionally get on each other’s nerves. To minimize this possibility as far as possible, it is best to plan some private time every day when you both can be apart. 

Even something as simple as half an hour in the bathroom reading a book will help. If your local area rules permit walks outside the home, you could go for a walk alone (while maintaining social distancing), or spend some “me-time” in your balcony or on the porch. 

Focus on maintaining harmony and remember the positive highlights and strengths of your marital relationship, while shutting out the deficiencies and downsides as much as possible. 

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