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The decision to divorce is heartbreaking for both partners in a marriage. But when children are involved in a divorce, a woman may have a harder time if the children are emotionally more dependent on the mother. To maintain objectivity in this difficult time and make the right moves, it makes sense to have a seasoned Austin Texas divorce attorney by your side.


Be Prepared About Explaining the Divorce to Kids


Depending on the age of your children, you should play a proactive role as a mom to communicate with the kids and put their fears to rest. Toddlers are especially sensitive to major changes in their routine, so make an effort to ensure their daily life is not drastically altered.

Adolescents are likely to be particularly concerned about “mommy and daddy” potentially arguing or fighting, and more so if your spouse has moved out. It’s advisable to not speak negatively about your spouse, and reassure the children he is doing okay. And then talk to their father to give him a heads-up on the children’s concern.

Teens may not experience a rude shock because, at their age, they would have already sensed the brewing tensions at home. They may be more worried about their own things, so reassure them that the new situation will not affect their major milestones, such as their class trips, college visits, and proms.


Consult With a Divorce Attorney for Women Near You


women getting divorce in texasOnce you have made up your mind about divorce, you need to pick up the phone and talk to a dependable and dedicated Austin divorce lawyer. Women often say that they are not yet “ready” to speak to an attorney, but putting off this critical decision will only hurt your chances in a divorce.

The sooner you know about your legal position and what your options in a divorce are, the better placed you will be. With an experienced professional to represent you in your divorce, you will be in a much better state of readiness to get the desired outcome and to put this difficult phase successfully behind you.


Collect the Necessary Documents


Even though your ex may have been taking care of the home finances until now, in a divorce it is absolutely essential for you to get a grip on all the financial details of the household. You need to know the income and earnings of both you and your former spouse, what debts you might owe, and what assets are in your name.

This would mean obtaining your bank statements, investment accounts, mortgage statements, car loan documents, retirement accounts, insurance policy documents, and tax returns, among other things. Stay alert to any financial changes your ex may be making, such as running a large credit card bill, or withdrawing all the money from a joint account.

Your Texas local divorce lawyer near you will guide and assist you with organizing all the necessary financial records as well as safeguarding your current income and assets. Before and during the divorce proceedings, you will also need to watch what you say to friends on social media, and preferably turn all your social accounts private.


Choose an Experienced Austin Divorce Attorney for Women

A good law firm in the field of family law is going to know everything there is to know about divorce and the important elements of family law. Whether it is related to your children, property or any other part of the divorce, having experienced divorce lawyers on your side is a big help.

Choose the winning team at the Law Office of Willie & Dasher for the best possible legal representation for your case. To request a consultation, call 512-478-0834 or complete our online contact form.

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