All You Need To Know About Getting Divorced During Covid-19

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in divorces (any many other things) – not just in Texas, but all over the world. The upsurge in cases has overburdened the state’s civil justice system, which was already struggling with an impossibly large caseload. What does it mean for couples in Austin, TX who are planning to get divorced?

Coronavirus Divorce – Key Issues You Should be Aware of

#1. Your Case Might Move Slowly Through the System

Thanks to the backlog caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, your case might move slower than usual through the court system. Particularly, if yours is a contested divorce, the back-and-forth negotiations between your Austin family lawyer and your spouse’s lawyer can take longer than usual.

#2. Calculating Spousal Support Can be Tricky

If your spouse has lost their job, suffered severe financial losses, or if their income has dropped significantly due to the pandemic, calculating spousal support can be difficult. The court will take your spouse’s educational qualification, work history, average earnings over the last few years, and several other factors into account to determine how much they should pay in spousal support.

If you believe that the spousal support ordered by the court is not sufficient or if your spouse has additional sources of income that the court did not take into All You Need To Know About Getting Divorced During Covid-19account, you can file an appeal with the help of your Austin family lawyer and get your spousal support order modified. Similarly, if your spouse believes that the spousal support order is unfair to them, they can contest it with the help of their attorney and get the order modified.

#3. Calculating Child Support Can be Tricky

Calculating child support in your coronavirus divorce case can be challenging for the same reasons stated above. The court will take all possible sources of income – including unemployment benefits, CARES Act retirement distributions, COVID-19 stimulus payments, tax rebates, and more – while calculating the amount of child support to be paid. The child support order can also be contested by both parties – you and your spouse – if there are legitimate reasons to do so.

#4. Business Valuations Can be Challenging

If you have a family business that you and your spouse have contributed to, calculating the value of your share or equity can be a difficult task – especially if the business has suffered losses or if its value has gone down due to the pandemic. Your attorney might have to hire a business valuation specialist to make sure you get your fair share.

Need an Experienced Austin Family Lawyer to Handle Your Divorce Case?

Filing for divorce in the midst of a pandemic can be a challenging task. You need an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the divorce process and achieve the best outcome possible.

Attorney Eric M. Willie has over two decades of experience in handling family law related cases and has a track record of resolving even the most complex of divorce cases through mediation, arbitration, and if needed – litigation. Rated as one of the best family law attorneys in Austin, TX, Eric M. Willie can provide you with the right kind of legal advice and fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome.

To schedule a free consultation for your coronavirus divorce case with experienced Austin family law attorney Eric M. Willie, call us today at 512-478-0834 or reach us online.

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