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You’ve tried everything to save your marriage, but you’ve come to the conclusion that your marriage is over. That realization can bring a sense of worry and unease over what comes next. You may start to ponder questions like where to file for divorce in Bee Cave, Texas. Understanding what to expect from a Bee Cave divorce can help ease some of your stress.

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Do You Need a Divorce Attorney in Bee Cave, Texas?

Splitting your married life is never easy, but some divorce proceedings are easier than others. An uncontested divorce is typically a more straightforward legal process than a contested divorce. Some may assume you’re better off just filing the paperwork yourself if you’re involved in an uncontested divorce. However, getting experienced Bee Cave divorce advice can be invaluable for any Texas divorce. A divorce process that starts amicably can turn into a problematic situation. There’s also a great deal of paperwork to have on hand when going through a divorce, so a divorce lawyer in Bee Cave can be beneficial to have on your side. If you are trying to attain evidence for your court case, you may be wondering, “Are voice recordings admissible in court in Texas?”

Eligibility for a Bee Cave, Texas Divorce

In order to file for a divorce in Bee Cave, you need to meet the criteria. First, you have lived in Travis county for at least 90 days. In addition, you must have lived in the state of Texas for at least six months. If you do not meet these requirements, you’ll be unable to file for divorce in Bee Cave until you do, or you’ll have to file in the area you lived in most recently that fits the eligibility requirements. If you do meet the requirements, hiring a Bee Cave divorce lawyer is an important next step.

How Long Does a Texas Divorce Take?

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In Bee Cave, Texas going through the legal process for divorce takes time. It can take at least 60 days after your divorce petition has been filed to be finalized. However, in many cases, it often takes at least six months to complete a divorce, and some cases that are more complicated, like how debt is divided or how retirement is divided, can take a year or more for them to be finalized. Some factors that can equate to a more extended period before a divorce is finalized include the number of assets to be split and when the couple has children. Also, when the two parties can’t agree on how to dissolve their marriage, it can extend the time it takes. Divorce is often complicated, so hiring a Bee Cave divorce attorney near you is a good idea.

Bee Cave Family Law Attorney Near You

Family law is a term of art used to describe a number of specific areas of law having to do with issues affecting the family. Family law includes:
 Family Law Attorney Austin Texas - Eric M. Willie P.C.

Although the areas listed above seem straightforward, there are a myriad of intricate issues which can come into play in most every family law case. For this reason, hiring a qualified and experienced Bee Cave family law attorney is essential to the outcome of your case. Hire the BEST military divorce attorney!


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Bee Cave Child Visitation Lawyer Near You

Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer is a child visitation lawyer in Bee Cave, Texas and surrounding areas with legal counsel, advice and representation in child custody and visitation matters. Our main focus is to help you come up with a fair and amicable solution to child support and visitation issues.

In any divorce proceeding, there are numerous issues that must be decided. Child custody and visitation are among the most important issues that arise in the context of a divorce proceeding. Eric is also qualified to handle Austin LGBTQ divorce.

Eric M. Willie Austin Divorce Lawyer provides legal representation to clients located in Bee Cave, Texas, and surrounding areas with legal counsel, advice, and representation in child custody and visitation matters. Our main focus is to help you come up with a fair and amicable solution to child support and visitation issues. These cases can get complex. If you are in need of a Williamson County family law attorney, get in touch so we can help you get back on track.

It is an extremely emotional and sensitive issue to consider your child’s needs-both now and in the future. Many things must be considered such as each parent’s economic ability to care for the child and the current and future earning potential of each parent. Other more practical issues like a parent’s ability to take care of the child, the parent’s availability and who the child may bond with are also important to consider.

Other factors that must be decided are how parental responsibilities will be shared. Issues to be decided include:

  • Where the child will live and whom the child will live with
  • Can one parent move out of state with the child
  • How frequently will the other parent see the child
  • Does the other parent even have rights to the child
  • What type of visitation schedule makes sense to everyone
  • Which parent pays child support and how much
  • Who will pay for the child’s health insurance

How Is Child Custody Determined in Texas?

Child custody in Texas is generally determined based on the best interest of the children in question. The factors taken into account by the court while determining child custody include:

  • The children’s physical and emotional needs.
  • The children’s educational, medical, and social needs.
  • The kind of plans that each parent has for their children.
  • Parenting abilities of each parent.
  • The ability of each parent to provide a safe, stable, and loving home for the children.
  • The ability of each parent to meet the children’s needs (financial and otherwise).
  • The kind of relationship that each parent enjoys with the children.
  • Whether there is a threat of physical or emotional harm to the children at a parent’s residence.

Apart from this, if the children in question are 12 years of age or older, their wishes and preferences will also be taken into consideration by the court.

While family courts in Texas have a great deal of discretion in deciding who gets custody of the children, an experienced Bee Cave child custody lawyer near you can make a strong case for you and significantly increase your chances of getting sole custody or joint custody with very favorable terms.

Where is Bee Cave, Texas?

For those who have wondered where the West Pole on earth is located, Bee Cave, Texas marks this official point.  In 2007, the Texas legislature formally declared this small city located on the 95th meridian as being worthy of such recognition.

Bee Cave has been a self-governing city since 1987 but its roots date much further back to the 1850’s. At the time, Travis County was experiencing a population boom and Dietrich Bohls decided to pack up his family and move out to the land between Barton Creek and Little Barton Creek.  Not long after, a merchant set up a small store and identified his location at the intersection of what is now State Highway 71 and Hamilton Pool Road as Bee Cave just outside of downtown Austin TX . Mexican honey bees once lived along the shores of these two rivers in such abundance that their influence on the growing community could not be ignored. While the honey bees are no longer in abundance, armadillos are and each February 2, the City of Bee Cave celebrates Armadillo Day.


Drive east on TX-71 E toward Cross Town Parkway. Exit left onto US-290 E/TX-71 E. Merge onto TX-1-LOOP N/S Mo-Pac Expressway. Take the exit toward TX-360-LOOP/Capital of Texas Highway. Bear to the left onto south Mo-Pac Highway. Bear to the right onto South Capital of Texas Highway/TX-360-LOOP south. Make a U-turn onto south Capital of Texas Highway/TX-360-LOOP N. Eric M. Willie, P.C. is located at  3755 South Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 295, Austin.

Contact an Experienced Bee Cave, Texas Family Law Attorney Near You

If you are planning to file for divorce or if you are embroiled in a child custody battle with your spouse, experienced Texas family law attorney Eric M. Willie can help you. With over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of Texas family law, Eric M. Willie is best placed to handle all your family law cases.

To discuss your child custody or visitation case with a seasoned Texas child custody lawyer near you, call us today at 737-777-8148 or contact us online and schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Client Reviews

“Eric Willie and his staff are amazing. We have been involved in a 3+year custody battle for a child that we attempted to adopt. The father contested the adoption and we were awarded temp joint conservator. We stayed that way for 3+ years until 2 weeks ago. We had a jury trial upon dad’s request and after a hard 3 days we were awarded sole managing conservator. During those 3 days Eric remained calm he was organized, and professional. Eric was very honest the entire way through. Anytime we called the office he and his staff was always very nice and honest. They helped us remain calm throughout the entire process. We have not only found a great attorney but several friends!!! I would highly recommend Eric Willie.” – Kristin Witcher, Rating: 5/5

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