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Marriage is a complicated and complex relationship. There is no perfect marriage, as every couple has struggles and fights from time to time, but there are some times when no matter what you’ve tried, things have gotten to the point where the relationship comes to an end. When you’re just dating, it’s often a relatively straightforward process of splitting, but when you have a legal document through the courts saying that you’re married, it gets more complicated. You may have heard of couples separating rather than getting divorced in Austin and have questions about what’s suitable for you and your future ex-spouse.

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Separating Vs. Divorce in Austin

You may have heard in books or movies or a couple in your life talk about being legally separated rather than divorced and be curious about what they meant. In an Austin divorce, both parties go through the courts to dissolve their marriage. Once the divorce in Austin is finalized, they are no longer legally married and can get married to another person. An Austin legal separation is similar in process to a divorce in that both parties come to an agreement through the courts on how to separate their lives, but they are still legally married. Therefore, they cannot get remarried to a new partner and could reconcile without going through the process of getting married again. 

What are the Advantages of Separating?

For some, a legal separation is more desired than a divorce for several reasons. For instance, religious couples may want to pursue a legal separation rather than a divorce since divorce is against their religious beliefs. It can also be a way to get space before a more permanent solution of going through a divorce. It does have some advantages over divorce. These advantages include the following: 

  • Allowing the spouses to have the advantages of a married couple even when they live separately, such as tax and health insurance benefits. 
  • A legal separation can also help reduce the stress of the end of a marriage as it helps to settle some matters, such as custody issues before the marriage is dissolved to allow the couple to reflect on their marriage.
  • It can also be like a trial period to see what being single would be like again for both parties.
  • Finally, it can be a good starting place for a more permanent divorce down the road, as many matters were resolved during the legal separation process. 

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What are the Disadvantages of Separating?

There are also some disadvantages to a legal separation. The biggest disadvantage is that the couple is still seen as legally married. That means they will not be able to remarry if they find a new partner. There can also be issues when it comes to inheritances and other financial matters. In addition, only some states allow for a legal separation and only allow a couple to separate legally through a divorce.

Does Texas Allow for Legal Separations?

Before you Google legal separation lawyer near me, paying attention to where you’ll be filing for separation is essential. In Texas, there is no legal separation. In some states, legal separation is an alternative to divorce, where the spouses can remain legally married but live in separate homes independently of each other. It typically goes through family court, where things like the division of assets and debts, custody, spousal support, special needs child custody, and other issues are decided, similar to how divorce works. However, if you are a resident of Texas, you’ll need to consider a divorce rather than a legal separation. 

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Thinking about separating can be a difficult time in your life. There can be a lot of stress and anxiety when you’re unsure how to move forward when your marriage ends. It can be helpful to start looking for an Austin separation lawyer near me to get the best advice on handling this complicated issue. Don’t look any further for an Austin legal separation lawyer. You can count on the attorneys at Eric M. Willie to assist you through this long process. Let us help you get to a resolution so you can begin the next stage of your life. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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