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There’s this idea that every Texas divorce is a knockdown, drag-out courtroom battle, but that’s not always the case. In some circumstances, the divorce can go through a less formal process compared to court hearings. For those married couples who are looking to end their marriage and can have a civil exchange in coming to terms, divorce mediation may be the best option. Learn more about divorce mediation, why it can be a good option, and the other alternatives for your Texas divorce.

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What Is Austin Divorce Mediation?

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Divorce mediation is a great option when you’re looking to dissolve your marriage in a less adversarial manner. Divorce mediation involves both parties and a neutral third-party mediator who helps resolve any disputes. The mediator will help both parties go over each of their proposals and work with them to find the best solution that meets everyone’s needs. The couple, represented by their Austin mediation attorneys, will work together to determine how the married couple will separate their lives and need to come to an agreement. Suppose the parties cannot reach an agreement through mediation. In that case, they will likely end up in a courtroom setting where the judge will make the final decision regarding dividing the assets, child custody issues, and any other family law matters.

Why Use Texas Divorce Mediation?

There are several reasons why divorce mediation is an excellent option for some couples looking to go their separate ways. First, divorce can be an expensive process, especially when it involves having to go to court to decide every little thing in your Austin divorce, so divorce mediation can be a less expensive avenue to explore. The Austin divorce attorney costs are often less in the mediation process. The court fees are often lower. Secondly, the mediation process is often quicker than a traditional courtroom divorce. When children are involved, going through the mediation process for ending your marriage is often better for them. Thirdly, it also helps to keep the relationship as non-adversarial as possible while being able to enter a negotiation to get what you want out of the divorce. For example, both parties work together to agree on the division of assets in the marriage. We can also help with your agreed divorce process if you are looking for a DIY divorce in Austin.

What Are Alternative Methods?

There are some alternatives to divorce mediation. First, there’s the traditional Texas courtroom divorce scenario. There are times when mediation may not be successful when the two parties are unable to come to an agreement, and then, a traditional courtroom divorce will more than likely occur. There’s also the Austin divorce arbitration process. There are times when mediation and arbitration are confused, and they have some similarities. In divorce arbitration, an arbitrator will work with the couple and hear from each partner about their expectations and arguments regarding the Austin divorce. Once this has been done, the arbitrator will then make a decision regarding the division of assets and other matters to be settled in the divorce. Their decision is legally binding.

Choosing an Austin Mediation Attorney

Choosing to go through mediation for your Austin divorce proceedings can be very beneficial, but it’s often essential to have an experienced Austin divorce attorney on your side. When you’re looking for an Austin divorce mediation attorney, it’s crucial to find an attorney that’s not only familiar with the divorce mediation process but also has experience in the courtroom. If an issue crops up with your mediation, your only recourse may end up being having a traditional divorce with a judge overseeing the outcome. When searching for an attorney, meeting with potential attorneys to discuss your circumstances and see if they will be a good fit for your needs can be beneficial. You want an attorney you feel comfortable communicating with, who has good recommendations from former clients, and with whom you think has a good plan for handling your divorce mediation.

Contact an Experienced Austin Mediation Lawyer Near You

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Thinking of going through a divorce and want an experienced mediation attorney on your side? Look no further than Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin divorce lawyer. When you’re looking to achieve the best outcome possible for you in this process, we can help. Our experience enables us to customize the process we use for each of our clients based on their unique scenarios to ensure the best possible legal plan. We understand that not every situation is the same, and each client requires a personalized plan. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss whether or not mediation is the right step for your divorce proceedings.

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