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There are no easy ways to end a marriage. It is especially difficult if you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences and are not on the same page on key issues like alimony, child custody, and child support. The divorce process might drag on for months and take a heavy toll on all the parties involved. This is why it’s vital to have a dedicated Texas family attorney by your side to guide you through the process.

Attorney Eric M. Willie is a top-rated, highly accomplished, family law attorney who can provide you with empathetic and personalized representation that gets the results you need. An alumnus of the prestigious Pepperdine University School of Law, Eric M. Willie brings over two decades of experience and unmatched legal expertise to the table. With him by your side, you can face even the most difficult situations with confidence.

The Importance of Proactive Defense in a Texas Divorce

Divorce – especially contested divorce – is an adversarial process in which the spouses are pitted against each other. You cannot expect your spouse’s attorney to care about what is fair or right. They are duty-bound to protect their client’s rights and will want to achieve the best possible outcome for them – even if it is to your detriment. This is why it’s critical for you to be represented by an Austin family attorney who can advocate in the same way for you.

Your attorney should be proactive in their approach towards your divorce and vigorously defend and protect your rights at every step of the process. They should know when to raise the right issues and when to assert your rights as a spouse and as a parent. If they fail to do so, you might be taken advantage of by the other side and as a result, might end up getting the short end of the stick.

Austin Divorce attorney Eric M. Willie knows that divorce can adversely impact every aspect of your life and amplify feelings of stress and anxiety. He also knows that you might feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the decisions you have to make. He can provide you with the information, guidance, and advice you need to make the best possible decision at every stage of the process.

Being a committed and experienced Austin family attorney, Eric M. Willie can predict the disagreements that might arise throughout the divorce process and take steps to minimize conflicts to the extent possible. He can negotiate with your spouse’s attorney, make sure they understand your concerns, emphasize the need to find common ground on important issues like child custody and child support, and clearly state the importance of putting the children’s interests above everyone else’s.

Compassionate Legal Representation That You Can Count On

Any trained family attorney can be logical in their approach and offer accurate legal advice. However, only an empathetic attorney can understand what you are going through, lend a compassionate ear, and provide you with the emotional support you need to get through your divorce.

Attorney Eric M. Willie is known for his compassionate approach towards divorce cases and his knack for understanding his clients’ emotional state at every step of the process. He makes his clients feel comfortable, which makes it easier for them to share the most intimate, but important details without feeling vulnerable or embarrassed.

Eric M. Willie’s empathetic approach allows him to understand who his clients really are, why they made the decisions they did regarding their marriage, and what they want out of their divorce. His clients know that he is not only someone who can fight for their rights, but also someone they can trust and confide in without fear of judgment.

When you choose Eric M. Willie as your family attorney, you will not only get a first-rate attorney whose legal knowledge is second to none, but also get an ally who will treat you like family and a trusted confidant you can rely on to get you through this difficult situation.

What Makes Eric M. Willie Stand Out from the Rest?

Legal Knowledge

Attorney Eric M. Willie has an in-depth understanding of the Texas Family Code and knows how the provisions of the law might apply to various situations that could emerge during a divorce case. His legal expertise allows him to anticipate issues that might lead to conflicts in the divorce process and will take preemptive steps to minimize the animosity between the parties involved. He can help you avoid unnecessary confrontations, secure your rights, and find a pathway to get the fairest outcome possible.

Personally Invested in Cases

Being a top-rated family attorney, Eric M. Willie puts his hard-earned reputation on the line every time he takes up a case. He is personally invested in each and every case he handles, fights relentlessly to protect the rights and interest of his clients, and goes to great lengths to achieve the best results for his clients.

Most importantly, local divorce lawyer near you, Eric M. Willie, will only accept a limited number of cases where he can devote his complete undivided attention and put the maximum resources of his law firm to fight for the protection of your rights. We can also help with your agreed divorce process if you are looking for a Pro Se divorce in Austin.

Handles Cases with a Sense of Urgency

There is no denying the fact that divorce can be a painful and emotionally exhausting process even under the best of circumstances. The longer it drags on, the more stressful it can be for all the parties involved. It is why attorney Eric M. Willie handles each and every case with a sense of urgency and works tirelessly to expedite the process and achieve the best results in the shortest time frame possible.

Experience in Litigation

As any trusted family attorney will tell you, an amicable divorce is usually the best and least stressful option for all the parties involved. However, in some cases, finding an amicable solution might not be possible – no matter how hard you and your attorney might try. In such a scenario, battling it out in the court might be the only option to get the results you want.

Attorney Eric M. Willie has over two decades of courtroom experience and will not hesitate to take your case to trial if that is what is needed to ensure you get your fair share. Being a seasoned Austin family attorney, he knows how trial court judges tend to rule on family-law-related issues and can make persuasive arguments to get the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

Network and Resources

Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer has the resources needed to handle even the most complicated divorce cases. We regularly handle high net worth divorce cases that involve assets worth millions of dollars. We also have a strong network of external experts, including CPAs, forensic accountants, mental health counselors, and other professionals that might be helpful to your case.

No matter how sensitive or complicated you think your case might be and no matter how many assets you have, you can count on us to fight for you, resolve your issues in the most effective manner possible, and make the best case for you to get what you want.

Choose a Dependable and Results-Driven Austin Family Attorney to Fight For You

If you are planning to file for divorce or have already been served with divorce papers by your spouse, you need effective legal representation that can get results.

Attorney Eric M. Willie is recognized for his extensive legal knowledge and acumen and has over 20 years of experience in handling family law cases like divorce, child custody, alimony, child support enforcement and modification, and adoption. He can represent you while protecting your rights, reputation, and assets, and will do his utmost to get the best possible results.

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