All About the Nightlife on 6th Street in Austin

Wondering just how amazing the nightlife is in the 6th Street district of Austin, Texas? Well, a quick Google search yielded 56 results for bars in the area. 56 bars. Just bars. That’s not included restaurants, entertainment establishments, shopping, or anything else you would expect to find in one of the most happening places on earth. 56 bars. Wow. This place is hopping.

The Dirty District

There’s no denying that 6th Street is one of the coolest places around. You’ll find anything and everything to feed your desires in this upbeat and lively district in the center of the city. There are three main parts of 6th Street that need to be acknowledged: the East, the West and the Dirty. Yeah, that’s right. They call a part of the district the Dirty district because of the overwhelm of people filling up on cheap drinks while forgetting their couth.

Given there are too many bars to highlight in one small article, let’s focus on the overall feel and culture of 6th Street. It’s a place filled with exciting and interesting people. Thousands of people flock to this part of the city every night of the week, and the party doesn’t stop, it would seem.

What’s What in the 6th?

There are comedy clubs, dance bars, restaurants that serve some of the most incredible food including French and Italian bistros, plus, don’t forget you are in Texas – where all the ribs and grilled meat come in all shapes and sizes.

There are tattoo joints if you are feeling adventurous and everything is within walking distance of everything else. There are piano bars and jazz clubs. And of course, there are country clubs.

Austin Offers it All

When you look at pictures of what 6th Street looks like at night, you might mistake it for Las Vegas. It’s so bright and full of life and excitement. It’s hard to imagine that the city of Austin can offer quiet and quaint family parks in one part of the city, and in another part of the city, the citizens refer to it as Dirty. It’s an incredible place to visit. For all of these reasons.

Cab it and Walk

Getting around in the 6th can be tricky because of the sheer number of people, so plan to cab it into the district and walk while you are there. Parking is a premium, and it’s not worth the hassle. You’ll have more fun walking around with your pals anyway – it’s the best way to take in the sights and be drawn in by crowds cheering and laughing, or by a pleasant aroma of delicious food waiting for you inside a new restaurant. It won’t take you long to find a new local favorite.

If you want to have a good time in Austin, include the 6th Street District on your travels. Plenty to do, plenty to eat, plenty to enjoy. If nothing else, it’s something to see. And you won’t believe your eyes.

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