Austin city is made up of diverse and unique attraction and places. From the live music played at different venues to dining in celebrity chef restaurant or a food truck and other amazing spots like the Cathedral of junk, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the things you can do while in Austin. The following are the 5 best things to do in Austin, Tx.

1. Visit The Lakes

Being one of the longest rivers in United States, Colorado River makes up three lakes within Austin City. Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis run through the city and they serve as great escape from the summer heat.

Among the three, Lake Travis is the largest and it is ideal for boating, fishing, scuba diving, swimming, camping and picnicking. Lake Austin on the other hand is perfect for boating while Lady Bird Lake has banned motorized boat but it is ideal for paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. Each Lake is distinct but together, they create a load of fun activities to do in Austin.

2. Enjoy the Breakfast taco

Austin cannot claim the primacy of tacos but with breakfast taco, Austin is king. There are hundreds of places in Austin where breakfast tacos are served but you can never find two that are alike. The taco stands is completely different from taco trailer’s but they are all scrumptious.

3. Catch a sunrise and sunset at Mount Bonnell

For a stunning view of the Downtown skyline and Lake Austin, visit Mount Bonnel. Also, legends have it that walking up the stairs with your partner hand in hand creates an unbreakable bond.

4. Attend one of the countless Festivals

The streets of downtown Austin are filled with festivals. From the Eeyore’s Birthday to the internationally renowned SXSW, this city is always hosting festivals. There is also the film events during winter and the free concerts in the summer.

5. Peruse the iconic range of collections at the Harry Ransom Center

From photography and art to books and writing, Harry Ransom Center located at the University of Texas in Austin is home to great pieces of history including the Gutenberg Bible.

You can never run out of things to do in Austin, in fact you may not have time to do them all which is a perfect excuse to visit this incredible city again.