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Getting a Divorce in Texas Is Always Complicated

Divorce is difficult. It requires you to juggle emotions, money, memories, paperwork, and logistics all at the same time. Anyone could become overwhelmed underneath this barrage of lifestyle changes. Nobody starts their relationship expecting to need a local divorce attorney, but when the time arises, speaking with an experienced Austin, TX divorce lawyer near you is an integral part of preparing yourself for the process. Picking the right one is essential, and can make all the difference in your settlement.

Divorce in Texas is a process. Unless you quickly reach a settlement, which is unlikely without the help of an experienced family law firm, you’ll need to follow the legal steps in the court system. You will need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through this process and improve your chances of securing a favorable outcome. We can also help with collaborative divorce.

Divorce proceedings take time. Even with legal counsel on your side, reaching the resolution you desire may require more time than you expect. Our top-rated Austin divorce attorneys will be diligent and remind you to remain patient until you achieve your goals. One of the worst mistakes you can make in a divorce is agreeing to unfavorable terms due to impatience. Eric M. Willie, P.C., will never let you agree to a settlement that is not at least fair to both parties in the divorce.

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Experienced Local Austin Divorce Lawyers Near You Help Secure Fair Settlements

While divorce is difficult, it is not rare. In the United States, a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce, meaning divorce attorneys stay busy. Many divorce lawyers in Travis County and around the U.S. remain booked up with divorce cases. When you decide to seek a divorce, it is smart to start contacting family law attorneys as soon as possible to begin the process. You will need an experienced & compassionate Austin divorce attorney to represent your interests so that you can secure a fair divorce settlement.

You should remember that getting a divorce doesn’t make you a bad person. Some relationships simply do not work out, no matter what you do. Expert local divorce lawyers near me help numerous clients every day who need the help of a family lawyer – like child custody, child support, and fathers’ rights – so you are not alone. You don’t want to see others get a divorce, but there is strength in numbers. Knowing that others are going through the divorce experience can help you stay positive. One of our Austin divorce attorneys can help you gain perspective and look forward to better times. It is advised you hire a men’s rights divorce attorney to help you through the process.

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be a need for local divorce attorneys. However, this world isn’t perfect, and things do go wrong sometimes. When a relationship sours, with divorce as the only outcome, finding an experienced attorney working on Austin, TX divorce cases should be one of your top priorities. Even if you’ve never contacted a lawyer before, the friendly and openhearted staff at the Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer will listen to your situation and schedule you a consultation with a divorce attorney near you. Eric is a proponent of the LGBTQ community and is a terrific attorney if you are looking for LGBTQ friendly lawyers near me in Austin, Texas. We can also help with your agreed divorce process if you are looking for a DIY divorce in Austin.


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Getting a Divorce in Texas? Get Answers to All of Your Questions

You are sure to have a lot of questions for your family law attorney when first getting started. Instead of getting what could be questionable information from random online sources, you’re best served getting reliable information particular to your specific situation directly from an expert in Texas family law. Speaking with one of our top-rated divorce lawyers in Austin, TX will give you immediate confidence and eliminate some of the fears associated with getting divorced. As you build a relationship with your local divorce attorney, you will quickly feel that you have a valuable partner on your side.f

Here are some possible questions you may have for your lawyer:

  • Do you have experience in divorces?
  • How many Austin divorce cases has your firm handled?
  • Are divorce lawyers the same as family law attorneys, or is there a difference?
  • Are you a divorce attorney for women?

Most family law firms will be happy to answer your questions. Family lawyers want to help people, so you should expect excellent service and honest feedback for any questions you may have. At Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer, we look forward to hearing your questions and responding with straightforward and sincere answers.

Austin, TX Local Divorce Attorneys With Experience You Can Trust

Each divorce is different and reputable, local divorce attorneys will have experience dealing with all kinds of divorce cases. Don’t attempt to skip hiring a lawyer, because the results will be damaging to your future. A divorce attorney will protect you from the legal ramifications because they understand the ins and outs of divorce in Texas.

Working with an expert divorce lawyer will enable you to access the experience and knowledge that is essential during the divorce process. It may be common to get a divorce, but that doesn’t mean the legal process is easy. As an individual, you will not have the preparation to take on the requirements necessary to complete the legal process of a divorce correctly. Your ex-partner is going to retain an attorney, and you need to have one on your side as well.

Especially if your divorce is particularly contentious, you need an adept divorce attorney to represent your interests. Maybe you both have hard feelings about the divorce proceedings, and neither side is willing to concede an inch. Austin, TX divorce attorney Eric M. Willie, P.C. will use his experience and passion to fight tirelessly for you to secure the settlement you deserve.

Our Expert Divorce Lawyers Near You Will Safeguard Your Feelings and Minimize Your Stress

Getting a divorce does not mean you no longer have feelings for your former partner. Many people who divorce grow apart over time, and neither person is at fault. If there is no acrimony in your divorce, a lawyer may be able to help you reach a quick settlement. A proper divorce attorney will read the situation and react accordingly, meaning they will seek an even and just agreement, rather than pursuing your former spouse for everything they have, including alimony in Texas.

In the middle of a divorce, it may be hard to set aside your feelings. Divorce is a challenging time, and your divorce may be more difficult if you and your ex-partner have children. A divorce attorney will provide an objective perspective for you to rely on throughout the process. Even if you are struggling to think about the big picture, your attorney will do the job for you. The best local divorce attorneys let their clients work through their emotions while they buckle down and do the legal work.

Divorce can be immensely stressful for everyone involved. Speaking with one of our divorce attorneys in Austin, TX will ease your concerns and lessen your anxiety. By laying out the steps involved in the divorce process, our attorneys will give you a roadmap to follow, thus dissolving any fears you might have about the unknown. The expert divorce attorneys at Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer will respect your sensitivities and strive to make the process less stressful for you.

Protect Your Future: Consult a Local Divorce Attorney

A divorce can have a significant impact on your life and your future. It can be easy to become apathetic about the situation, but our Austin, TX divorce attorneys will prevent you from making concessions that you will regret later. While the future may not appear too exciting now, there is a lot of life to live after divorce, and your life will be better if you hire a divorce attorney with a winning track record to help you get favorable terms.

Getting a divorce doesn’t mean life stops and waits for you. Life continues, and you will have a lot of things going on outside of your divorce. Your career, for instance, is vital, an attorney will help you protect your earnings and savings. You have a lot at stake in a divorce, and you want to ensure you get your fair share in the end. An experienced attorney knows what is fair, and they can help frame your expectations. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change dramatically, but if you fail to find a good divorce attorney near you in Austin, TX, it will.

Divorce can be particularly difficult to settle when only one person in the relationship was earning an income. A critical responsibility of a divorce lawyer is to negotiate a reasonable rate of spousal support. The payment should be enough to support the other party, but not so much that it is unsustainable for the one earning an income. An equitable divorce attorney will help you achieve this balance.

Without the help of a proper divorce attorney, you may go into divorce proceedings unprepared, and the results could be costly. You may pay more or receive less than you should in the settlement. Securing a qualified divorce attorney will guarantee you do not walk away from the situation without a fair settlement. While you were married, you thought of life in terms of a partnership, but now that you are getting divorced, your frame of reference is going to change. You need to look out for yourself and your children. The attorneys at Eric M. Willie, P.C., will help you develop a plan for your future so that you can move smoothly into being single again. We serve several counties in Texas, including Williamson County for our Round Rock family law clients, Liberty Hill, Taylor, as well as Bee Cave and Buda in Hays County, and Lakeway and Jollyville.

    We won our case. Mr. Willie’s demeanor helped ease the tension and his knowledge helped us to make good choices. Even the secretary went out of her way to drop paperwork off at my home. That’s going beyond the expectations!
    A.S., Austin

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    “One thing is clear: We are here to help you achieve the success and happiness you deserve in your life, so that you can rest easy at night…”

    Child Custody Lawyers &

    Austin Child Support Attorneys

    Going through a divorce is hard enough. If that divorce also involves children, it is even more difficult. Divorce lawyers near you are accustomed to having to work on settlements that include child support, custody arrangements, and more. A good family law attorney will work with you to understand your needs and expectations. Your former partner may not agree to the custody arrangement, and this point is where your attorney will become fundamental.

    You must shield your children from the emotional complications of divorce, if possible. An attorney will be able to teach you how to deal with kids during a divorce and reduce their stress throughout the process. Divorce lawyers see these situations all the time, and they will help guide you and your children through the proceedings from start to finish.

    No matter your reasons for getting a divorce, you and your ex-spouse want the best outcome for your children. A child custody lawyer in Austin can help both parties negotiate a reasonable outcome for child custody. The skilled child custody attorneys and special needs child support lawyers at Eric M. Willie, P.C. Austin Divorce Lawyer will be able to present many options and help you choose the best course of action.

    divorce-attorneys-austin-txWe Customize Our Approach to Each Divorce Case

    Each divorce is unique because your life is unique. Not only will a good local divorce attorney know how the process works, but they will custom-tailor the approach to your circumstances and necessities. Looking for divorce lawyers for veterans in Texas? You need a divorce attorney that will understand your specific needs and alter their tactics accordingly. Your input is essential, and handling the divorce process requires a team effort. It is your life, and you should have a say in the direction that it takes. Whether you want your local divorce lawyers near you to fight for every penny, or you want to make sure your ex is taken care of sufficiently, make your feelings known to your attorneys. The experienced, compassionate divorce attorneys at the family law office of Eric M. Willie, P.C. will create a custom plan to ensure you come out of the divorce with the results you desire.

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    Our Team

    Eric M. Willie, P.C. Can Make a Difference in Your Divorce

    If you are facing a divorce in Austin, TX, you need to contact an experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney for men who can make a difference in the outcome of your divorce. The team at Eric M. Willie, P.C. can make that difference. With over 20 years of experience serving the people of Austin, TX in all matters of family law, we stand prepared to take on your case and secure the best outcome for your divorce.

    With your divorce in the rear-view mirror, you can look forward to better days ahead. Request a consultation with Eric M. Willie, P.C., by calling 512-605-0988 or completing our online contact form. Contact us immediately and start working toward a resolution sooner rather than later.

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      We recommend Willie & Dasher all the time. We tell all of our family and friends about our wonderful experience with the firm. They are awesome.!
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