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This is a critical time in your life. You have found yourself in the middle of a divorce, child support, child custody, or other family law matter that requires you to hire an Austin area lawyer.

We understand the stress and the pressures of the law you are feeling. You need experienced family law counsel...an attorney that will not only help you maximize your chances for success, but someone you feel comfortable with and who understands the law.

Eric M. Willie, P.C. and its highly experienced Austin divorce lawyers have been providing peace of mind solutions to family law matters for years. The bottom line is that experience counts. Eric is that attorney for you.

You must hire experience to get real results in divorce law.

We understand that there are many divorce, child custody and support attorneys to choose from. There are a lot of flat rate services and services that provide do it yourself forms.

These law firms and companies operate on volume, and they believe that every divorce operates the same.

The problem becomes: what happens if you end up with a provision in your divorce settlement agreement that can't be changed down the line? The law is not in your favor once you sign a divorce agreement.

These are important questions you must ask yourself before you proceed with hiring an attorney.

Family law in Texas is a very complex matter, so having a seasoned Austin divorce lawyer who understands that every case is vastly different and knows how to react accordingly is critical to the outcome of your divorce or related proceeding.

There are literally dozens of issues that can arise in a family law matter.

The following is just a sample of the types of issues that can come up within the context of your divorce or separation case:

I want you to imagine for a minute being free from worry.

Divorce law, child custody issues...child support problems and other family issues can plague you and cause you such emotional turmoil that it’s often difficult to sleep and can impact every aspect of your life.

Eric Willie, and the staff at Eric M. Willie, P.C. are here to help you and stop you from worrying. We want you to hire an attorney with confidence.

As you read through the site, you'll notice a few things:

The focus is on you, and what your needs may be. Why? Because we are here to act as a trusted attorney to help serve your needs.

This site has been completely revised and expanded to provide you with a wealth of information... all at your fingertips.

You will also quickly notice that this site is filled with Success Stories... stories of people just like you who had a legal issue they were once facing, and how those issues were solved. These Success Stories can be deeply absorbing and are often emotional. Please read our testimonials for more information.

But, when you read these stories, you will notice one reoccurring theme that the Austin divorce lawyers here at Eric M. Willie, P.C. live by every single day: We don't just create clients, we create "raving fans"-for life.

This is evident from the continuous referrals we receive from our wonderful clients.

One thing is clear: We are here to help you achieve the success and happiness you deserve in your life, so that you can rest easy at night...

Warmly, Eric Willie

P.S. We don't want you to simply take us at our word that we believe we will provide you with a top quality, outstanding experience on every level.

Instead, please take a moment to see what our clients are saying about us! Read our testimonials!

The Divorce Law Process In Austin Texas 78704 Explained. By Eric Willie.

No one should ever try to face the complex and difficult process of divorce law, custody or support issues without the advice and representation of a highly skilled and experienced family lawyer.

You may have the support of friends and family, but as helpful as this may be, nothing can replace the advice and guidance that our experienced attorneys provide.

Our lawyers have practiced extensively in family law for years in and around the Austin area, including Travis, Williamson and Hays Counties, and this enables them to ensure that you obtain a fair divorce and the highest possible chance at a favorable verdict in a litigated or contested divorce, custody or support law case.

Our divorce attorney has years of experience with issues pertaining to dissolution of marriage and family law whether through legal separation, annulment or divorce.

They also understand that other matters arise that are pertinent to divorce or family law cases such as trusts, adoptions, and drafting of wills in their capacity as family law practitioners.

Regardless of your reasons of seeking legal representation, hiring Eric Willie and his highly trained staff is a wise decision in dealing with your family and marital law issues.

Hiring our lawyers could just make all the difference in winning your case. Our legal family law professionals are qualified to offer legal assistance, advice and all the support that makes the entire process less stressful while at the same time enhancing your chances of winning.

When you hire Eric as your family law attorney, he will also give you peace of mind knowing that your legal rights are being protected, and will ultimately help you avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches in making rash decisions on your own.

Our attorneys are also qualified to handle any aspect of the family and divorce law process such as child custody issues, alimony/settlement of child support, prenuptial agreements and division of assets.

Even in situations where both partners agree to end a marriage mutually, these parties can retain our divorce law attorneys together for legal assistance. Your family and sanity depend on it!

However, in most cases where the relationship is contentious, only one partner will retain us to represent them in their divorce or family matter. In this case, our family law attorneys will draft a petition for divorce on behalf on you as the client, seeking dissolution of the marriage.

Your spouse will then be served as required under the law and the process will begin. Our divorce and family law lawyer will then aggressively represent you in court should it come to that. However, many cases end up settling long before we reach the court room

Getting the best divorce lawyer is critical to ensuring you get all that you are entitled to during the divorce process. Do not be afraid to ask our lawyers questions or to let them know what you fear the most about the divorce law process. Even if it is facing your ex-spouse soon after the break-up.

They are professionals, and they will certainly help. For instance, did you know that from the moment you file for divorce you have no obligation to talk to your Ex? You do not even have to worry about having to learn how to make all the right decision on your own. The law protects you.

Our compassionate divorce attorney will help get through your case and on to the next chapter in life.

We not only seek to help our client win cases, but we try to build and maintain a working relationship. Our philosophy is that our clients are like family, and we always treat you in a manner that will keep you wanting to come back to us.

Why You Need a Lawyer Before Filing for Divorce

The divorce law process involves a lot of documents and paperwork that can be very complex without the help of a lawyer.

Your best chance of winning in a divorce law case is hiring an experienced family attorney to counsel you and assist you in making the right decision under the law regarding the dissolution of your marriage. Our attorney will also help you explore other options that may work well for your marriage situation such as legal separation.

Legal separation may be an option for partners who do not yet want a divorce, but just to live apart from their spouse without dissolving their marriages. If you decide you want a divorce, then our lawyers will help you decide whether a mediation or collaborative divorce is best or whether you need to take your case to court. Don't go through all the pressure alone; our professionals are here to help.

Contact us as soon as possible and let us get you started on the right path.

Our Family Law and Divorce Practice Areas Include:

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

In most divorces, one spouse may be unable to support themselves immediately after the marriage is dissolved. Spousal maintenance requires one partner to make personal upkeep payments to the other spouse for a given period or until that other spouse can financially support themselves.

Our attorneys work to ensure you get a fair amount that will allow you to live comfortably as you work to support yourself. If you are required to pay spousal support, we will help you get the fairest deal possible.

Business Asset Division

Divorces in which partners have business assets require experienced legal representation. A lot of tricky factors and procedures are involved in attempts to prove whether business assets are eligible for distribution in a divorce.

Fortunately, our lawyers have the knowledge and industry experience in numerous cases involving business asset divisions. As such, you can rely on them to help you obtain the settlement you deserve or to protect your assets.

Child Custody

Your child’s best interest is always the most important factor in a child custody case. Our team will work diligently to get you the best custody judgment possible in your divorce proceedings. We can help you fight for legal, physical, sole or joint custody.

Child Support

Whether you are seeking to fight an unreasonable order or to obtain child support, you need a capable lawyer by your side.

We have in-depth knowledge of Texas child support laws, and we can ensure your case is treated justly and that your rights are protected.

Complex High Net Worth Cases

When it comes to divorce cases involving property division, complex high net worth cases can be very hard. But nothing is ever too big or complicated for our firm.

Contact us today to get a free phone consultation with a lawyer who can help you protect your assets and make sure that your rights are observed throughout the entire divorce proceedings.

They will also fight tirelessly to obtain you a just settlement.

Contested Divorce

Our attorneys can litigate aggressively on your behalf in all instance of contested divorces. We will fight within the law to see that you receive the best possible outcome in child custody, property division, visitation, and all other aspects of your divorce case. It is the reason we are in business, and it’s what we do every day.

Debt Division

In some divorce cases, spouses must divide debt that they have accumulated while married. You may not have to repay debts that you had no part incurring, so be sure to retain an attorney who can skillfully handle debt division under the law.

Equitable Distribution

Within the division of property is equitable distribution which is the fair, not necessarily equal, distribution of property and assets obtained by either party in a divorce during their marriage.

Fathers' Rights

In divorce, both parents are assumed to have equal rights of custody and visitation. There can be no bias towards one parent or the other. But fathers often do get short changed in this area.

So let us fight for your father’s rights and protect the interest of your child. Most people may argue that kids are better off with their mothers, but we acknowledge that you love your kids and they deserve a father’s love too.

You are a parent in equal merits, and you have equal rights.

Once you hire our services, our team will not rest and will work tirelessly to get you what you deserve.

Grandparents' Rights

You might not have thought about it, but grandparents may also have rights as far as their grandchildren are concerned in a divorce. Our firm can fight for your grandparent’s rights to obtain guardianship, visitation, custody or even adoption of your granddaughter or grandson.

Protective Orders

Have you been a victim of domestic abuse or violence? Call and speak with our family attorneys today to protect yourself from future abuse. They will represent you in court and ensure you get an order of protection. An order of protection is beneficial as you explore other actions such as legal separation or divorce.

Legal Separation

You might not want to dissolve your marriage permanently, but you may still be in need of some form of separation. Legal separation enables spouses to live separately while still enjoying the benefits of a marital union. You can then pursue a divorce proceeding if need be.


Divorce orders can be problematic in cases of a change in circumstances, such as loss of job or debilitating accident. If you find you are no longer able to meet requirements of a court order with valid reasons, contact us today. You have the option to request modifications in court.

Parental Alienation

In some divorces, one parent might try to manipulate or brainwash the child and turn them against the other parent in an attempt to obtain custody or support. This can happen during, before, or even after divorce proceeding.

Hire our divorce law professionals, and they will help you curb such behaviors.

Prenuptial Agreements

A lawyer from our firm can assist you protect your wealth before committing to a marriage by drafting a detailed prenuptial agreement which can cover the amount, if any, of maintenance and property division if a divorce later takes place.

Same-Sex Couples Issues

Our family lawyers have experience in handling same sex couple issues. Whether you were married in another state and you are seeking separation, divorce, adoption of a child or other family issues such as same-sex couples, our lawyers hold the experience and understanding that you need.


If you are seeking to relocate with your kids and you need custody or a visitation modification, or if you are seeking to stop a harmful relocation, we can still help. Your rights shouldn’t be compromised. We will see to it.

Uncontested Divorce

In the case of uncontested divorce, divorce proceedings are conducted without litigation. In most instances, you and your spouse will come to an amicable divorce agreement via an agreed divorce settlement agreement, or collaborative divorce or mediation. The key is to hire a competent lawyer to guide and counsel you throughout the entire process.


Even if you are not awarded custody of your kids, you will still have the rights to visitation. This right allows you to maintain your relationship with your kids even after divorce. Our professionals can help you obtain liberal visitation rights.

In conclusion, the moment you opt to work with us, you’ll be getting the right advice, reduce stress, avoid mistakes and avoid delays.

We also make the entire divorce process faster allowing you to start over as soon as possible. Our team works with you and ensures your rights are protected, and that you obtain what you deserve.

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